shut up.

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my world is crashing tonight. so just to lighten up my mood, i made something. bah!

I just failed at the letter “S”. Who cares???



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Just so you know, I always deal with it. Who doesn’t?

“pro·cras·ti·na·tion Noun /prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən/ /prō-/

1. the action of delaying or postponing something
      • your first tip is to avoid procrastination”

Well, for sure most of us deal with this most of the time. But how do we really avoid or stop this?

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what happened to Spongebob?? haha!

content aware, FTW!

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one GOOD reason why you should LOVE Adobe Photoshop CS5:


wth. it made my life a LOOOT easier. epic talaga. ♥

though hindi masyado malinis, ayus na. 🙂  kesa naman mag clone ako ng 10 years. haha!


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 i need this in my page. 😀

lahat ng first time, memorable. may mga first time din na masarap.

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pero malay niyo, mas masarap at mas memorable yung SECOND TIME. 😀

kasi sa pangalawang beses, at least alam mo na yung mga dapat gawin at what to expect. TAMA? tama. :))

the bucket list.

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we had a topic the other day about kicking the bucket. our specialist asked us to make our own bucket list and share it with the class. so here’s mine. 🙂

  1. i want to travel and take a tour in Europe. specially Paris, Rome, Spain, etc. is Vatican in Europe? if so, include Vatican as well. 😀
  2. i want to play in the rain with the one that i love or with my friends. because! i never experienced that ever since. i havent played in the rain since the day i was born, which is 19 years ago. :))
  3. i would like to throw a big party for the people i love. which includes my closest friends and family. 🙂
  4. i want to learn how to swim and go scuba diving with my family.
  5. if i have lots of money, i would like to spend it in Las Vegas. hehe.
  6. i’ll make sure that before i leave, my family or loved ones are safe and happy.
  7. i want to share something, teach the children with what i know. children who are unfortunate… like in the mountains? it’s like community service.
  8. the last, but definitely not the least and definitely the one i would really like to do before i die, is to ride a hot air balloon with my love. where? i dont know yet. i think i still need to find the perfect spot. perhaps in the US, where the hot air balloon contest/festival is held.

so there you go. how about you? what’s your bucket list? 😀

kindly correct me for wrong grammar/tense/etc. it shall be appreciated. haha! 🙂