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what happened to Spongebob?? haha!


content aware, FTW!

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one GOOD reason why you should LOVE Adobe Photoshop CS5:


wth. it made my life a LOOOT easier. epic talaga. β™₯

though hindi masyado malinis, ayus na. πŸ™‚ Β kesa naman mag clone ako ng 10 years. haha!


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Β i need this in my page. πŸ˜€

lahat ng first time, memorable. may mga first time din na masarap.

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pero malay niyo, mas masarap at mas memorable yung SECOND TIME. πŸ˜€

kasi sa pangalawang beses, at least alam mo na yung mga dapat gawin at what to expect. TAMA? tama. :))

the bucket list.

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we had a topic the other day about kicking the bucket. our specialist asked us to make our own bucket list and share it with the class. so here’s mine. πŸ™‚

  1. i want to travel and take a tour in Europe. specially Paris, Rome, Spain, etc. is Vatican in Europe? if so, include Vatican as well. πŸ˜€
  2. i want to play in the rain with the one that i love or with my friends. because! i never experienced that ever since. i havent played in the rain since the day i was born, which is 19 years ago. :))
  3. i would like to throw a big party for the people i love. which includes my closest friends and family. πŸ™‚
  4. i want to learn how to swim and go scuba diving with my family.
  5. if i have lots of money, i would like to spend it in Las Vegas. hehe.
  6. i’ll make sure that before i leave, my family or loved ones are safe and happy.
  7. i want to share something, teach the children with what i know. children who are unfortunate… like in the mountains? it’s like community service.
  8. the last, but definitely not the least and definitely the one i would really like to do before i die, is to ride a hot air balloon with my love. where? i dont know yet. i think i still need to find the perfect spot. perhaps in the US, where the hot air balloon contest/festival is held.

so there you go. how about you? what’s your bucket list? πŸ˜€

kindly correct me for wrong grammar/tense/etc. it shall be appreciated. haha! πŸ™‚Β 

salbaheng bata.

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kanina, naglalakad ako pauwi, may nakita akong bata. hindi niya naubos yung buko juice niya tapos natira yung mismong buko… in short, yung juice lang naubos niya hindi yung laman. tapos sakto traffic, akalain mong tinapon niya yung plastic cup sa jeep?! HAHA! sabog eh. akala niya ata trash can yun. buti nalang dalawa lang pasahero at hindi niya nasaktuhan yung babae.

grabe lang eh. salbahe nga. gawin daw bang basurahan yung bintana ng jeep. :))


anyway, it’s been a while. grabe. i have so many things in mind na gusto ko i-post. kaso hindi ko masingit sa time ko. omg. di bale, malapit na matapos english class ko. πŸ™‚ Β i kinda miss tumblr, you know. but i miss the people here even MORE.Β 

eat. sleep. read.

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So today is Thursday. It’s kinda boring. I can’t figure out my assignment tapos I’m too lazy to do my project. Hay! Anyways, as I open my dashboard, nakita ko walang laman. Then I clicked the Google Reader. May mga finafollow pala ako dun? It’s kinda weird kasi hindi ko na maalala. All about web designing. Cool.

Anyway, I think kailangan ko na mag change ng routine. Imbis na eat, sleep at blog/Tumblr/FB/watch TV, dapat eat, sleep at READ.

Since I entered high school, ineencourage na ako ng parents ko mag basa ng books. Honestly, I find reading interesting. Nag eenjoy ako mag basa sa totoo lang. Active kasi at malawak ang imagination ko so natutuwa talaga ako kasi feeling ko andun talaga ako sa scene. Kaso wala akong time. Well, meron, most of the time kaso ang tamad tamad ko. 😦

Anyways, mabalik tayo sa Google Reader. Pag bukas ko, yun nga, mga articles about web designing. May mga tips on how to grow as a web designer(from Web Designer Depot). Cool talaga. Ang dami ko naring sources dito sa PC, mga eBooks na bigay ng instructor namin. Honestly, wala pa ako nababasa. Haha!

Pero naisip ko lang…

Siguro kailangan ko na mag start ngayon na mag basa basa. Kailangan ko na pakainin yung utak ko at dagdagan yung knowledge ko. To think na matatapos na ako, na malapit na ako sumabak sa business world, I really think na kailangan ko na simulan. Simulan ang alin? Simulang mag sipag. Kailangan ko na simulan gumawa ng portfolio, at kailangan ko narin mag practice at mag basa basa.

Maybe, there’s someone out there na nakakarelate sakin. Tamad mag basa at gumalaw and stuff. Pero we’re not getting any younger.

The bottom line is, try reading. Try exploring new things. Try feeding your mind. Browse interesting sites, read eBooks, etc. Believe me, kahit na hindi ko pa napuprove sa sarili ko, it will help. Reading is a big help.

I shall try it now. Starting today. Wish me luck! πŸ˜‰

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